Killermont Parish Church

a community of faith at the heart of our community

KPC is a church for the community of Killermont.

We come from all sorts of backgrounds but together we are a family of faith. Like all families there are different ages and personalities and we don't agree on everything.  And we are all at different places on our journey of faith. Some of us just want to explore and learn; others have been certain for years of the reality of the living God. And, yes, there is an honoured place for honest doubters too!

Praise God door

It won't be a surprise that 'Jesus' is a name often on our lips. Even if you're merely curious about this Jesus, you can learn more at KPC. You will hear that he really lived 2000 years ago and, more than that, that He is the Son of God and that he chose to be born and to live and to die in order to meet the most desperate need of humanity. We can't get close to God on our own so Jesus cleared the way. This gives each of us the choice of whether to stay distant from God or whether to accept his invitation to be his children.

We take the Bible seriously. When we read or listen, it's words become alive - God himself speaks into our lives today. This is the Holy Spirit at work.

Everyone lives by beliefs - atheism is as much a belief as theism. All of us want to base our beliefs upon rational thought and hard evidence. Belief in the God of the Bible is both rational and supported by verifiable fact. So we are relaxed about taking on the big questions and engaging with people who hold different beliefs.

Livingcafe area after service #1

Living what we believe is very important to us.

We live ordinary lives in the midst of which God is blessing us in extraordinary ways. We have so much! And not just things - but peace and joy as well. What God gave us, he gave us to share. So that's what we do. 

If you read these pages or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you quickly see how we live out what we believe. Better still, come and say hello.

                                              Killermont Parish Church (Church of Scotland) Bearsden is a Registered Scottish Charity (Charity Number SC009748)